Our dignified veteran passengers are being identified by the codename of TAILGUNNERs. They will be our guests for the day and participate as passengers on a group motorcycle ride covering some of the premier cycling roads in southeastern Wisconsin. They will be driven by a VIPER Pilot, an experienced volunteer motorcycle owner who will serve as the motorcycle operator and ride escort for the day. The rides will be 100 to 120 miles in length. A midway rest stop allows an opportunity get off the bikes, stretch, and dewater. TAILGUNNERs will have ample opportunity to meet and mingle with many of their friends, both old and new, and with many of the people who have volunteered to make the day special. Musical entertainment will be provided along with a barbeque or picnic meal. All of this is provided at no cost to the hosted veterans.

If you are interested in being a TAILGUNNER, click here to get to the online application.

If a hard copy, printed application is desired or if assistance is required to fill out an application, feel free to contact us at info@theviperride.org.