Do you know a blind, visually impaired or diabled veteran that would like to participate in a fun filled day of motorcycling, fod, socializing, musical entertainment? Applications for TAILGUNNERs are now available for this year’s event “THE VIPER RIDE PLUS+”

We’re seeking patriotic and enthuiastic people to help us and join in on the fun September 30, ,2018. Applications are available for PILOT and GROUNDREW volunteers.

THE VIPER RIDE PLUS 2018 More details coming soon!

OUR MISSION - To engage with Blind, Visually Impaired and Physically Disabled Veterans to provide a day of motorcycling, socializing, food, and entertainment.

Latest Info

The clock is ticking! Sign up for the ASMI BASIC+ADVANCED Training

VIPER Sponsored refresher classes are scheduled for February 17-18, 2018. Training will run for 2 complete days (typically 0900 – 1700). Register as a VIPER RIDE referral to receive a $20 per session discount. ($40 total discount). To receive the VIPER discount, follow these steps:   1) Register on-line at ASMI REFRESHER TRAINING 2) Select the

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Extra, Extra, Read all about it…


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2018 VIPER RIDE PLUS+ Applications Now Available

Applications for participation in the 2018 VIPER RIDE PLUS+ are now available online. Please go to the appropriate page on this website to download the updated form; TAILGUNNER, PILOT, or GROUNDCREW. Once downloaded, fill it out (either by hand or by typing in the info using the computer) and return it to us in accordance

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2018 Application Deadlines

The deadlines for applications to participate in the 2018 VIPER RIDE PLUS+ are listed below. Don’t be left out! Submit your VIPER application before these dates. The deadline for TAILGUNNER Applications is Saturday, August 18th, 2018. The deadline for PILOT and GROUNDCREW Applications is Saturday, August 18th, 2018. Unlike so many other rides, THE VIPER

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VIPER RIDE PLUS+ will occur on Sunday, September 30th, 2018.

…Will occur on Sunday, September 30th, 2018. More details will be provided as they become available. The 2018 VIPER RIDE is being expanded to include veterans with any disability that prevents him/her from driving a motorcycle. We hope to see many new TAILGUNNERs come out to join us for THE VIPER RIDE PLUS+ in 2018!

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Do you have skills and talents to share?

Planning for the 2018 VIPER RIDE PLUS+ will begin in a matter of days. We are looking for dedicated individuals to help us throughout the year as we count down towards THE VIPER RIDE 2018. We have many specific needs and are looking for many specific talents to help us grow and improve and maintain

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GROUNDCREW Age Restriction

Please be aware that due to the nature of THE VIPER RIDE event we do have a minimum age restriction for volunteers. For the safety of all participants and the event as a whole, no one under the age of seventeen (17) will be considered or allowed to participate as a VIPER GROUNDCREW VOLUNTEER. This age restriction does

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Did you know?

There are 132,000 blind veterans nationwide. Blindness leads to isolation, isolation leads to depression, and depression leads to bad things… 22 veterans commit suicide every day. We can make a difference because we as motorcycle riders know being on, or even around, a motorcycle makes us feel more alive. We believe we can bring excitement,

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