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What began as a lunch discussion between a blind attorney who is a former Marine and a retired US Naval Officer who rides motorcycles has evolved into an event that has taken off like a fighter jet…


In our inaugural year, THE VIPER RIDE™ proved to be a major success. Blind and Visually Impaired veterans from 15 different states across America participated and each and every one enjoyed a safe, entertaining, meaningful, and memorable event. Many of the attendees vowed and have in fact returned for subsequent events.

Since our third year, we have expanded our reach by including any veteran with a physical disability that prevents him/her from driving a motorcycle.

These vets can become a TAILGUNNER just as easily as our initial group of Blind and Visually Impaired vets did. The expanded event is being identified as THE VIPER RIDE PLUS+™.

Our mission statement explains the purpose of the organization and the event… To engage with Blind, Visually Impaired, or Physically Disabled Veterans who cannot drive a motorcycle and provide them with a day of motorcycling, socializing, food, and entertainment.

As we have done for the last two years, each qualifying TAILGUNNER may bring along one guest to share the ride! This could be a spouse, a son or daughter, a caregiver, or a friend or family member. Like the sponsoring TAILGUNNER, the guest must apply for the ride and must pass all the same health and safety requirements established for the ride. Like so many bikers already know, riding is extra special when you can share the experience with someone close to you. This is your chance!

Our long-term goal is to be able to continue to replicate our successes and repeat the event locally, expand the event statewide, and someday be able to sponsor and execute this recognized ride regionally and nationally.

It takes a lot of talented, skilled, and caring individuals to make THE VIPER RIDE™ successful. In addition to our individual volunteers, a wide variety of clubs and organizations turn out to support and assist on the day of the ride, as well as in the busy days and weeks leading up to the event.

Each and every person who attends THE VIPER RIDE™ ends up being deeply moved by the awesome experience. The VIPER PILOTs eagerly participate and serve honorably as drivers and escorts to our esteemed guests. The participating veterans, affectionately known by their VIPER ‘codename’ of TAILGUNNERs, are treated to an amazing ride, fabulous entertainment, a wonderful catered meal, and much appreciated socializing with veterans sharing similar issues and challenges. Every GROUNDCREW volunteer typically performs their respective tasks caringly and flawlessly, ensuring the entire event is executed near perfectly.

If you have questions or comments about what we are doing with this organization or any questions about the event, feel free to reach out and ask! We hope this brief message provides you with an understanding of the good things we are doing for and with our vets. If you are interested in actively joining our team or helping in some other way, members from our organization are eager to discuss your thoughts!

The VIPER Leadership Team
Visually Impaired Patriots Experiencing the Road Inc.

contact us via email at: info@theviperride.org.



THE VIPER RIDE PLUS The VIPER RIDE PLUS+™ 2021 is Sunday, August 22nd. Applications can be found at the links below:

Thanks for applying and we’ll be in touch with you soon!

THE VIPER RIDE™ Conversations with Carole Caine

Carole Caine interviews THE VIPER RIDE™ Founder TJ Oman and TAILGUNNER Rob Ivy.

THE VIPER RIDE Appears In VFW Magazine

Enjoy the Feeling of the Wind
By Marcella Jones
THE VIPER RIDE appeared in the February 2018 issue of VFW magazine. ENJOY THE FEELING OF THE WIND Photo Credits: Jason Kewley and Doug Lentz