Fundraising Opportunities

Another way you can help is by attending one of our fundraising activities.

Fundraising Activity Dates Business Address How You Are Helping
Continuous THE VIPER RIDE  Donate online Donate  Raising funds for the 2018 VIPER Ride
Continuous Amazon Smile You Shop Amazon Gives to The VIPER Ride You Shop Amazon Gives Raising funds for the 2018 VIPER Ride
Currently THE VIPER RIDE  2016 Commemorative Poster Buy It  Raising funds for the 2018 VIPER Ride
Available From Participating VIPER Members VIPER Leadership Team  Seroogy Chocolate Sales See Participating VIPER Members  Raising funds for the 2018 VIPER Ride

Join Our Leadership Team

Planning for the 2018 VIPER RIDE PLUS+ will begin in a matter of days. We are looking for dedicated individuals to help us throughout the year as we count down towards THE VIPER RIDE 2018. We have many specific needs and are looking for many specific talents to help us grow and improve and maintain our high standards for this ride and for this organization. If you think you have what it takes and are so inclined to join us as a planner and a leader, please contact us at your earliest convenience.
An email to will start the ball rolling!

Highlights from the first annual VIPER Ride…