PILOTWe actively recruit licensed, insured, and experienced motorcycle operators to serve as PILOTs (motorcycle drivers) for our event. Two-up experience is required. Your motorcycle must be a minimum of 750cc, it must be properly equipped to carry a passenger, and we require that your motorcycle undergoes and passes a pre-ride safety inspection. Your bike may be a two-wheeler, a trike, a sidecar rig, or CanAm/Spyder style. Our PILOTs are patriotic, enthusiastic, and caring individuals; veterans and non-veterans alike. On event day, volunteer PILOTs serve as the drivers and escorts for our blind, visually impaired and disabled veteran passengers and their guest (TAILGUNNERs). For the safety, comfort, and enjoyment of our TAILGUNNERs strict adherence to THE VIPER RIDE™ rules must be followed.

If you are interested in being a PILOT, please submit a PILOT Application.

Join Our Leadership Team

We are currently seeking dedicated individuals to help us throughout the year as we count down towards THE VIPER RIDE PLUS 2021 event.
THE VIPER RIDE Leadership Team has many specific needs and we are looking for talented individuals to help us grow, improve and maintain our high standards for this ride and organization. If you think you have what it takes and are so inclined to join us as a planner and a leader, please contact us at: info@theviperride.org.

THE VIPER RIDE™ Conversations with Carole Caine

Carole Caine interviews THE VIPER RIDE™ Founder TJ Oman and TAILGUNNER Rob Ivy.

THE VIPER RIDE Appears In VFW Magazine

Enjoy the Feeling of the Wind
By Marcella Jones
THE VIPER RIDE appeared in the February 2018 issue of VFW magazine. ENJOY THE FEELING OF THE WIND Photo Credits: Jason Kewley and Doug Lentz