Supporters 2020

The 2020 VIPER RIDE was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

That makes to 2021 ride that much more important. THE VIPER RIDE™ and THE VIPER RIDE PLUS+™ events cannot succeed without the help and support of generous, engaged partners, sponsors, supporters, and donating organizations and individuals. Please Help us provide this very special day for blind, visually impaired, or physically handicapped veterans.

Thank you for your donation!


American legion Riders Logo The American Legion Riders Association of Wisconsin (District 4 & 5) will provide required safety checks and vehicle certifications for the ride. Formation of the American Legion Riders occurred in Garden City, Michigan in 1993. Since then, groups have been formed throughout the country. The concept was for a family oriented motorcycle association that would operate within the American Legion, consisting of members of the American Legion, Auxiliary and Sons of the Legion who shared an interest in motorcycling.
ophg Operation HighGround is a not-for-profit organization that caters to the needs of homeless, unemployed, disadvantaged, and other downtrodden veterans throughout the Midwest. OpHG is organized to identify and implement strategies to help veterans find and obtain housing, employment, education and transportation. They are recruiting and coordinating support for our organization, our event, and the volunteers and event staff (the GROUNDCREW).


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Other Donors
  • JoAnne Keaton
2020 Donations to THE VIPER RIDE in remembrance of Roland V. Salin
  • Jerry & Jo Ellen Anderson
  • Lisen Hille/Shelly Bliffert
  • David & Sharon Boenning
  • Jon & Lynn Cisewski
  • Ginny Coffaro
  • Marge Cornell
  • Keary & Laura Drath
  • Brian & Lyn Eskra
  • Thomas & Suzan Fehring
  • The Fuch’s Family
  • Rick & Cameo Gayan
  • Bill & Bonnie Greuel
  • Dorothy Gundersen
  • Jeff & Joan Hawthorne
  • Tom & Jana Hirsbrunner
  • Judy & Donald Hurley
  • Doug Irek
  • Bonnie Karvonen
  • Linda Kender
  • Tom & Leanne Kiepert
  • Mary Kowalski
  • Dave & Lorie Krzyzanowski
  • Kwik Trip
  • Michelle & Vern LaFleur
  • Randi Moen
  • Marlene Mueller
  • Audrey Olbrantz
  • Dolores Page
  • Marilyn Page
  • Jane Polasek
  • Marie Rahn
  • Mary Jane Rinzel
  • Cheryl & Rich Ruhnke
  • Barbara Schei
  • Ron Schell
  • Patty Sciano
  • Dawn Sehmer
  • Dave & Eve Sorce
  • Sandy Sprague
  • Gary & Jean Stankowski
  • Carol & Greg Stankowski
  • John & Nancy Surges
  • David Wall
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