VIPER Photography TeamAs THE VIPER RIDE continues to grow, we are currently recruiting patriotic, enthusiastic, and caring individuals; veterans and non-veterans alike, to join the 2019 VIPER RIDE Photography Team. Our fifth annual event will be held on August 23, 2020.

We have a variety of needs that include: Onsite event photography and video, portraits, en route photography and video, interview video and photographer assistants.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Doug Lentz

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(More information will become available as we confirm our planning details) Click here for THE LATEST NEWS on THE VIPER RIDE PLUS+ 2019

      • All Photographers will receive a T-shirt, meal and beverage tickets
      • Photo locations and times will be assigned in 2 hour blocks
      • The full day schedule runs from 8:00 am until ~4:30 pm


Helpful suggestions for image captures:

      • Main Event Photography
        • Set up Prom Shots Banner(s)
          • Determine location and set up lighting needs
        • Prom Shot photos (in front of THE VIPER RIDE PLUS+™ Banner)
          • Create a checklist of participants
          • Organize Photography Team Helpers to stage to gather participants and stage individual photos as listed below
            • PILOT & TAILGUNNER Team (2 people)
            • PILOT & TAILGUNNER’s Guest Team (2 people)
            • PILOTs, TAILGUNNERs  & Guests Team (4 people)
            • PILOTs with no TAILGUNNERs (group together and get names in order of photo)
            • Saluting Marine
            • Saluting Marine and Guest
            • Band
            • Medic & EMT Team
            • HAM Radio & Communications Team
            • Police Escorts
              • May be multiple photos (get names in order of photo)
            • THE VIPER RIDE PLUS+™ Leadership Team Command (separate photos for each command)
              • Founders
              • TAILGUNNER Command & Co-Chair(s)
              • PILOT Command & Co-Chair(s)
              • GROUNDCREW Command & Co-Chair(s)
              • SAFETY Command & Co-Chair(s) & SAFETY PILOTs
              • FINANCE Command
              • LIASON Command & Co-Chair(s)
              • Event Planning Command & Co-Chair(s)
              • BRANDING Command & Co-Chair(s)
            • TECH Command & Co-Chair(s)
        • Group Shots
          • ALL Participants (single photo)
            • Plan photo staging
            • TAILGUNNERs
            • PILOTs
            • GROUNDCREW
            • Police Escort
            • Leadership Team
            • Public
          • Leadership Team (single photo)
            • Founders
            • TAILGUNNER Command & Co-Chair(s)
            • PILOT Command & Co-Chair(s)
            • GROUNDCREW Command & Co-Chair(s)
            • SAFETY Command & Co-Chair(s) & SAFETY PILOTs
            • FINANCE Command
            • LIAISON Command & Co-Chair(s)
            • Event Planning Command & Co-Chair(s)
            • BRANDING Command & Co-Chair(s)
            • TECH Command & Co-Chair(s)
          • Photography Team (single photo)
            • Photography Team
            • Photography Team Helpers
          • Police Escorts (single photo)
        • Specific image content possibilities for Photography Team
          • Event Day Set-up
          • PILOT Registration/Staging
            • PILOTs signing in
            • Include PILOT REGISTRATION SIGN in image
            • Bike Inspections
            • PILOT interaction
            • PILOTs Candid Shots
            • PILOTs Posed
          • TAILGUNNER Registration
            • TAILGUNNERs signing in
            • Include TAILGUNNER REGISTRATION SIGN in image
            • TAILGUNNERS getting fitted with helmets/gear
            • TAILGUNNER Candid Shots
            • TAILGUNNERs Posed
          • GROUNDCREW Registration
            • GROUNDCREW signing in
            • Include GROUNDCREW REGISTRATION SIGN in image
            • GROUNDCREW interaction with TAILGUNNERs
            • GROUNDCREW Candid Shots
          • GROUNDCREW Posed
          • OTHER Pre-Ride Shots
          • Legion Post
            • American Legion Post Members
            • Auxiliary Post Members
          • Ride Formation Launch
            • Rider’s Meeting
            • PILOT/TAILGUNNER bike familiarization
            • PILOTs/TAILGUNNERs boarding
            • PILOTs/TAILGUNNERs on bike’s (every PILOT & TAILGUNNER Team)
            • Police Escorts
            • Go-Pro set-ups
          • Ride Launch
            • Saluting Marine
          • In Ride Shots
            • On Location Ride Shots based on route
            • VA Grounds
          • Public awaiting return
          • Ride return at Post
          • Additional Prom Shots by choice (announce availability to be photographed)
          • American Legion Post Members
          • Auxiliary Post
          • Various organization/vendor participants
            • Ham Radio
            • Boy Scouts
            • Girl Scouts
            • High School Participants
            • Raffle Team and members
          • Other Specific Event Festivities
            • Pledge of Allegiance
            • Color Guard
            • Lunch
            • Band
            • Missing Man Table
            • Boots On the Ground Memorial
          • Things to consider including in photo compositions
            • Participant camaraderie
            • Smiles
            • US Flag
            • Patriotic elements
            • Bikes
            • THE VIPER RIDE patches/vests
            • Military organization patches/vest
            • Blind Rider vests
  • You will receive an email requesting your images and media files of THE VIPER RIDE PLUS+ be uploaded to DropBox. You will NOT need your own DropBox account.


If you are interested in volunteering as a VIPER Photographer, please fill out and submit the web form application below.

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AGE RESTRICTION: Please be aware that we have a minimum age restrictions. For the safety of the participants and the event, no one under the age of eighteen (18) will be considered or allowed to participate as a VIPER PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM VOLUNTEER. 

Join Our Leadership Team

We are currently seeking dedicated individuals to help us throughout the year as we count down towards THE VIPER RIDE PLUS 2020 event.
THE VIPER RIDE Leadership Team has many specific needs and we are looking for talented individuals to help us grow, improve and maintain our high standards for this ride and organization. If you think you have what it takes and are so inclined to join us as a planner and a leader, please contact us at:



THE VIPER RIDE PLUS The VIPER RIDE PLUS+™ 2020 is Sunday, August 23, 2020. Applications can be found at the links below:

Thanks for applying and we’ll be in touch with you soon!

THE VIPER RIDE™ Conversations with Carole Caine

Carole Caine interviews THE VIPER RIDE™ Founder TJ Oman and TAILGUNNER Rob Ivy.

THE VIPER RIDE Appears In VFW Magazine

Enjoy the Feeling of the Wind
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THE VIPER RIDE appeared in the February 2018 issue of VFW magazine. ENJOY THE FEELING OF THE WIND Photo Credits: Jason Kewley and Doug Lentz

THE VIPER RIDE PLUS+™ August 23, 2020 Event Cancelled Due to COVID-19